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Biorb Accessories, Biube Accessories - The Entire Line of Biorb Supplies

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There are a lot of Biorb Accessories & parts to choose from.  Below is a list of all the biorb & biube accessories according to category.  If you are looking for something that isn't here let us know, because if it exists we carry it, or we will find it for you. 

Filters & Maintenance

Decorations & Plants

Lighting & Heating

Decor Kits & Other Accessories

biorb service kit Biorb Stand Biorb Light Biorb Marine Conversion Kit
biorb no algae kit Biorb Acrylic Stands Biorb Intelligent LED Light Biorb Complete Cleaning Kit
biorb first aid kit Biorb Plants Biorb Light Bulbs Biorb Cleaning Essentials
biorb airstones Biorb Green Plants Baby Biorb Light Bulbs  
biorb siphon hose Biorb Winter Fern Plants Baby Biorb Light  
Biorb Cleaning Pads Biorb Winter Flower Plants Biorb Heater  
Biorb One Way Valve Biorb Blue Plants Baby Biorb Heater  
Biorb Ceramic Media Biorb Pink Plants Biorb Heater Stand  
Biorb Scratch Remover Biorb Red Plants Biube Heater  
Biorb Magnet Algae Cleaner Biorb Purple Plants    
  Biorb Autumn Fern Plant    
Biorb Marine Service Kit Biorb Sculptures    
Biorb Timer Biorb Black Pebble Sculpture    
Biorb Air Pump Biorb Green Pebble Sculpture    
Biorb Transformer Biorb Coral Sculpture    
Biorb Tube Guard Biorb Clamshell Sculpture    
Biorb Digital Thermometer Biorb Spanish Dancer Sculpture    
  Biorb Feng Shui Pebbles    
  Biorb Grass Ring    
  Biorb Volcano    
  Biorb Plant Ring    
  Biorb Green Moss Balls    
  Biorb Colored Seaweed Pack    
  Biorb Colored Balls    
  Biorb Swap Tops    
  Baby Biorb Swap Tops    

Biorb Maintenance Accessories

The Biorb maintenance accessories help to keep your biube or biorb aquarium clean and your fish healthy. The cleaning accessory we recommend the most is the biorb siphon hose and cleaning pump.  It will make cleaning your aquarium much easier and will save you time and headaches.

Biorb Filters

The basic biorb filter is the biorb service kit.  The biorb service kit is used in the biube, biorb, baby biorb, biorb life, and all biorb aquariums except for biorb marine aquariums.  Other biorb filters like the no algae kit and first aid kit are optional filters that you can put inside your aquarium for 1-2 weeks, after that time you should replace those filter kits with a regular service kit.

Biorb Decorations & Plants

We highly recommend getting some decorations or plant to put inside your biorb or biube aquarium.  Besides making your aquarium look more fun and exciting the plants and decor help to reduce the stress on your fish.  Fish can get scared and when they do they like to hide behind things, that is why getting some plants or decorations is essential to keeping your fish healthy and reducing their stress.  If your fish get scared and don't ever have a place to go they can become sick and you will notice them hiding in the corners, top, or bottom of your aquarium.

Biorb Marine

The Biorb Marine Conversion Kit contains everything you need to convert your biorb or biube aquarium into a saltwater fish tank.  It does not work with the baby biorb.  Once converted to a marine aquarium, use the biorb marine service kit filters instead of the regular biorb service kit, biorb first aid, or biorb no algae filters.

Biorb Kits

The Biorb Complete Cleaning Kit and Essential Cleaning Kit are bundled kits that contain basic and helpful accessories for cleaning your aquarium.  They are bundled to make shopping easier for you and to save you money.


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