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Biorb Air Stones - They Put The Bubbles in Your Biorb Tank

The Biorb Air stones are small, but they are an essential part of your biorb filtration system that keep your fish healthy. Independent testing by Reef One has shown that the oxygenation levels in the biorb aquariums are better than oxygenation levels in regular fish tanks, this means your fish stay healthier. Oxygen is an essential part to keeping your fish healthy.

What They Are

The small, white, hollow, cylindrical tubes about an inch long. One comes with every biorb fish tank.

What They Do

The Biorb Air Stones break the flow of air from the air pump into bubbles to better oxygenate your biorb aquarium. Without the air stone, your fish wouldn’t get the oxygen they need to survive.

How to Buy Biorb Air Stones

You can buy the Biorb Airstones in our Biorb Store, and they come in packs of two.

How To Tell If You Need New Air stones

  • If the number of bubbles coming out of your bubble tube has decreased

  • If your airstone is no longer white, but is orange, brown, or a darker color

  • If the bubbles coming out of your bubble tube are larger than they used to be

A Word Of Caution When Changing Your Biorb Air stones Or Filter

Changing the biorb air stones is pretty straight forward. All you need to do is take off the biorb service kit and bubble tube, and then slide off the airstone. But, you still need to be careful! The little plastic piece that the airstone slides onto IS NOT REPLACEABLE. It is attached to the base of your aquarium, and if it breaks there is no replacement part or way to get a new one. You could probably try to empty your tank and glue it or find a way to get it to work, but avoiding the problem in the first place is the best option.

buy biorb air stones



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