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Biorb Life Aquarium – The Modern Fish Tank

If you are familiar with the Biorb Aquarium, chances are you have seen the new biorb life aquariums by now. If not, its time you do, because the Biorb Life Fish Tanks are some of the best looking aquariums on the market. They recently received the coveted Editors’ Choice Award at an Industry Trade Show in Las Vegas. With sleek, rounded edges and colorful design, the Biorb Life Aquarium is an interior designer’s dream aquarium.

A Few Things You Might Not Have Known About The Biorb Life

• The top opening of the Bio orb Life is bigger than in traditional biorb aquariums, making it easier to clean and maintain
• The square design of the biorb life means there is more surface area for your fish than in a round biorb, which means more fish are compatible with the biorb life tanks than with classic biorb aquariums
• Every Bio orb Life comes with the Biorb Intelligent Light ($105 value)
• The Bi orb Life Aquariums use the same easily replaceable biorb service kit filter cartridge that the classic biorb tanks use
• They come in red, black, or white and in eight, twelve, or sixteen gallon sizes
• They can be used as saltwater or freshwater aquariums
• They come with everything you need to start & setup your aquarium, besides the fish

Design aside, the construction of the biorb life isn’t lacking in anyway. The biorb life features the same easy to change filtration system as the classic biorb aquariums. That is good news to anyone who already has a biorb tank and wants to upgrade to a biorb life. It means you don’t have to spend more money buying new filters and accessories, the Biorb Service Kit is designed to work in the Life Tanks & Classic Biorb Aquariums.

If you like the Bi orb Life check it out today, and if the price is a little steep for you, sign up for our Biorb Newsletter, we regularly have discount codes and promotions that will save you $30 or more on Biorb Life Aquariums.

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Written by: Cameron Muir, September 2009



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