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Biorb Digital Thermometer - The Easy Way to Monitor Water Temperature

Aquarium thermometers are a dime a dozen. You can find them at every local pet store and they range in price from $1 - $40, depending on your needs. At least I think that’s the price cap, I have yet to see any diamond studded aquarium thermometers or fish necklaces. That being said, why should you spend $13 on a biorb digital thermometer for your biorb fish tank, rather than a couple bucks on a regular glass thermometer with a suction cup?

Here’s Our Top Five Reasons We Like The Biorb Digital Thermometer

1. Design & Practicality – It looks good, works great, and isn’t very big for a digital thermometer
2. Size of Display & Large LCD – the majority of the size for the biorb thermometer is for the display, that means you spend less time pressing your nose up against your fish tank squinting to see what temperature the water in your biorb is at
3. Price – At $13 the Biorb Thermometer won’t break your wallet
4. Warranty & Reliability – The thermometer is backed by a 1 year warranty, so long after your dollar thermometer has stopped working, the Biorb Thermometer is going strong.
5. Large Suction Cup – Since it is designed specifically for the biorba quariums, the suction cup of the thermometer is large enough to stick to any biorb aquarium. Some suction cup thermometers might be too small to stick effectively to the inside of a biorb aquarium

Those are our top reasons for getting a biorb digital thermometer over a regular aquarium thermometer at a local pet store, so when you are looking for a new thermometer for a biorb fish tank, remember the Biorb Digital Thermometer works great.

Get your Biorb Thermometer today

buy biorb digital thermometer



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